Georgia Cotton Outlook Good

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To the untrained eye a cotton crop may not look very special, but local growers say one is, simply because it's in good health after a somewhat uncertain start.

Mickey Fourakers, Farming Extension Agent, says, "We started off a little dry, then we got a little wet. Quiet frankly, I'm surprised the cotton crop looks as good as it does. We still have great potential. Thank goodness we didn't fertilize with nitrogen before the rains came."

Now the nitrogen can be added to the cotton crops without being washed away by severe storms.

Local cotton farmers say if you walk out into the fields you'll notice the plants are looking very good for this time of year, and they say that's a great sign because the total number of cotton crops are down, making it more important they bring a better result.

Local bankers like Tim Jones say they're glad to see a positive outlook for this important crop.

Tim Jones of Heritage Community Bank says, "As a banker, we just know that yields are good, prices are good, and we're glad that this year the rains came at the right time, so I think everyone is crossing their fingers."

Fourakers says, "From here on out we'll be checking for insects, doing our insect control program. We'll also be doing our growth management program."

It’s all in an effort to turn this promising crop into a great harvest that pumps millions into the region's economy.