FSU Quarterback Placed in Psychiatric Care Following Incident

At least three 9-1-1 calls brought police to the corner of Spoonwood and Willow Monday night, one complaining of a man jumping on a parked car, another reporting cars beeping and swerving to avoid a man lying in the middle of the road.

OFC John Newland, Tallahassee police spokesman, says, "He was saying he was God, he was the son of God; he kept telling us to quit messing with him and basically our interest was that he wasn't going to harm himself, that was number one, or that he wouldn't harm anybody else out there in the roadway."

That man turned out to be FSU starting quarterback Wyatt Sexton. One responding officer said Sexton was irrational and appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Police wound up taking him to the Tallahassee Memorial Psychiatric Unit under the terms of the Baker Act.

Rob Wilson, FSU Assistant Athletic Director, says, "We're worried about his health."

FSU Assistant Athletic Director Rob Wilson says Sexton was suspended from the team back on June 3 for violating team rules, though he wouldn't disclose why. That suspension will continue indefinitely in the wake of what happened Monday night.

Word of Wyatt Sexton's odd antics and admission to a psychiatric facility quickly spread through campus.

Stephanie Joseph, an FSU student, says, "I know the name because it's so big at Florida State, but I'm definitely surprised to hear something like that happened."

Adam Collins, also an FSU student, adds, "Well, first thing I wonder was, what was his deal? Was he drunk or on drugs or something?"

FSU student David Dejesus says, "I guess he's under a lot of stress being a quarterback for Florida State; that's a big responsibility there. I hope everything works out for him."

Due to federal privacy laws, Tallahassee Memorial cannot disclose whether Sexton is still being detained or evaluated at its psychiatric center.