Courthouse Security

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Georgia state senators are now turning their attention to courthouse security. Several senators met with south Georgia leaders Tuesday to discuss the best solutions.

The Georgia Senate's Committee on Courthouse Security gathers in Moultrie, trying to find the best ways to improve safety and security.

Committee chairman Joseph Carter says, "We want different people who work in these environments. What works in their areas and what does not. What they see to be the challenges and the hurdles that they must clear to make their environment secure."

Tuesday's meeting comes just weeks after a similar gathering of local officials. Circuit Judge Arthur McLane attended both meetings. He says the information was helpful, but he still doesn't want to see state mandated security changes.

"I think it’s very critical that we recognize that each local community will need to have a final say and final authority to determine its own needs and implement solutions on the best way possible for the protection of the citizens," said Judge McLane.

And while state and local leaders still have a lot of details to iron out, McLane says there is one thing on which both sides already agree.

"A good security system will discourage dangerous and disruptive behaviors, and I think that can be done."

Committee members say this is the first of several stops around the state to help get the discussion of courthouse security underway. Committee members hope this will lead to beneficial changes, no matter what the final outcome of these meetings is.

Security committee members are not looking to create a statewide security mandate, and local officials say that's good news.