Tallahasseeans Celebrate Flag Day

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Since its adoption in 1777, the American flag has been a symbol of what our country stands for.

Tuesday, Americans nationwide honored the flag, and in Tallahassee the Woodsmen of the World organization donated a flag and flag pole to the city as part of their "Flags Across America" program.

Randy Trousdell, the director of Tallahassee Parks and Recreation, says, "We need to salute our flag, we need to remember our flag, so what they're doing here is a great thing."

The streets of downtown Tallahassee were also lined with American Flags, evoking different feelings for people in the area.

Marquis Davis, a resident, says, "It represents our country, you know what I'm saying? It represents our freedom, it represents America."

Koren Obispo, a resident, says, "To me and for our family, the opportunities that you get here in the states that you don't get in other places, and the freedom that we have here to choose, to choose to believe what we want."

Steve Allen, also a resident, adds, "To me, the flag means freedom. My dad just got back from Iraq not too long ago and we have one hanging out in the front yard all the time and it just means a lot that people want to fight for it."

It’s a fight for freedom and justice that inspired the creation of a great country and the adoption of three colors that represent our country.

Anyone in need of disposing an old flag can drop it off at the American Legion on Lake Ella, where they properly dispose of the flags in a discreet burning ceremony.