South Georgians Doing Anything But Singing in the Rain

Thomas Gaudry has lived in Trotter's Ridge for the past five years, and for five years has been dealing with severe flooding that leaves his yard underwater and threatens his home.

Monday night's storms were no exception.

Thomas Gaudry says, "Me and my wife both stayed up all night wondering if we were going to get flooded out, whether to pack up and get out. You have electrical wire in here, you have all kind of underground wires. It's just real bad."

To get an idea of how severe the flooding is, residents say the water has been so bad it washed out part of the road, and the county was forced to replace it, but the recent rains have continued washing the road away, leaving holes and causing more problems for this neighborhood.

County leaders aren't ignoring the obvious flood issues. A team of engineers evaluated the neighborhood's water system Monday night and Tuesday morning, but residents may be surprised by their findings.

Joe Pritchard, County Manager, says, "The drainage system that is in place there is sufficient for the amount of water that normally comes through there."

Even so, county engineers say they will continue monitoring Trotter's Ridge and addressing these residents' concerns. County officials say more than three and a half inches of rain fell in a 30-minute period, which simply overtaxed the drainage system in Trotter's Ridge for a short period of time.