Drink It or Drop It?

The verdict is in on Tallahassee's drinking water: it's safe and it's clean. You'll be able to see for yourself in the annual report that will arrive in your mailbox soon, so just where is this h20 coming from?

Jamie Shakar, City of Tallahassee Water Quality Manager, says, "Most of the water we get is in Leon County. We have our own well systems that pump the water out of that Florida aquifer."

Twenty eight wells to be exact. The water extracted from the ground goes through little further treatment.

Jamie Shakar says, "We pull water out of the ground, we do minimal treatment by adding chlorine and fluoride and we do an abundant array of tests to make sure the water stays good for consumption."

A 100,000-square-mile-wide aquifer formed millions of years ago when limestone evolved after Florida emerged from below the ocean water.

Jon Arthur, Florida Assistant State Geologist, says, "Then rainfall infiltrated into the ground and formed this vast storage of fresh water in the aquifer."

The small holes in that limestone then help to cleanse the water.

Jon says, "Because of the tiny pure spaces in the rock, it has a good system, a chemical and physical way of naturally cleaning the water."

Now that's something to think about the next time when you gulp down that refreshing glass of water. The annual water report answers common questions about tap water and also lists the results of the water quality analysis used to determine the safety and cleanliness of the water supply.