Rose City Railroad Crossing Repairs

Thomasville engineers say they've been flooded with complaints about some of the city's railroad crossings.

John Wood, City of Thomasville Engineer, says, "It's the same as you get for potholes or any other major problem. The resident and the customer expect a smooth road, and a rail crossing that's failing is not a smooth road."

Monday's detour on busy Anderson Road is a sign of progress in the city's campaign to repair some of the Rose City's most troublesome railroad crossings.

City engineers estimate that there are about 15 railroad crossings in the city. They say that some of those that are in the worst shape are slated to be repaired.

Wood says, "One being on West Jackson, one being on Smith Avenue. That's 84 Business West Jackson. It's 319 Business, and then there's one out in the county out on Pavo Road near The Exchange Club Fairgrounds."

The city engineer says each repair project will take about five days to complete, meaning the current detour on Thomasville's Anderson Road will last until the first of July.

Because the repairs are for public crossings, city engineers say the projects are completely funded by the rail company, CSX, and the Georgia Department of Transportation.