Taylor County Senior Center Job Cuts

The 2003 audit has revealed financial inaccuracies in Taylor County Senior Services. The program has been turned around under new management. However, due to a funding deficit, another county will temporarily take over, leaving the executive director and others out of a job.

Barbara Bratcher, Executive Director of Taylor County Senior Services, says, "It's going to be hard the next few days having to say good bye to people that have really made an impact in my life. I hope they will be able to continue the services here at the center itself."

Seniors here say the elimination of administrators and employees is detrimental to Senior Services. Now that the chef is leaving, seniors will go from a hot cooked meal to frozen TV dinners.

Mary Bennett, a Taylor County senior citizen, says, "They were watching out for our salt and for our fat, but with these prepared meals, you just have to eat what's on there or you don't have nothing."

The Senior Services Board of Directors says there is not enough money to match a state grant, therefore they lose the grant.

Clients of the center say they fear losing a place that many senior citizens heavily depend upon.

Bill Craft, Board Chairman of Taylor County Senior Services, says, "Our citizens, our clients, will not be in no way jeopardized; they will continue to receive the service."

Craft says he hopes the center will be back on its own feet by next March, only with financial assistance and donations from the community.