Roommate Arrested in Murder of FAMU Student

The victim's body was found last week floating in an apartment complex retention pond. The big question is why?

On Tuesday, June 14, it was behind the walls in a three bedroom apartment that Tallahassee police say an argument erupted between roommates Dwight Devon Smith and Willie James Davis.

Investigators say the argument ended with a gunshot that killed Willie Davis.

OFC John Newland of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "It appeared he kept the body inside the apartment for three days."

Davis's body was discovered Sunday, June 19 in a retention pond on Airport Drive. The next day, Tallahassee police questioned Smith and arrested him on an unrelated violation of probation charge for driving with a suspended license.

Newland adds, "He was held until we could get our evidence together to place on Mr. Smith."

OFC Newland says a security camera helped crack the case. Surveillance video taken from a camera on Friday, June 17 shows Smith putting a large tarp covered item in the trunk of Davis' SUV. That's when investigators say he drove to the pond and dumped Davis' body.

Smith was charged Monday afternoon with first degree murder, the gruesome crime still hard to believe for those who knew Willie Davis.

Jenna Lockwood, Arbor Station Property Manager, says, "We are very sad to have lost Mr. Davis. He was always so nice and polite and we definitely do miss him."

But the question still remains, why? Court records show that Smith had been on probation for a marijuana charge. Property managers say Davis moved into the apartment in April and was planning to move out in the next few weeks.