Clean Up Georgia!

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Gov. Sonny Perdue says this kind of litter on the sides of Georgia roads is unacceptable, and that's why the governor has created a statewide team to find a solution.

Local anti-litter advocates say they're glad to see the governor attacking this problem.

Aaron Strickland of Keep Lowndes-Valdosta Beautiful says, "It’s real important, because a lot of trash you see on the side of the road is from people throwing beer bottles out, drink containers, fast food bags out onto the side of the road."

Officials in Valdosta have been working to fix this problem, even creating volunteer litter patrol enforcement teams to crack down on litter bugs.

The experts say when litter piles go uncollected it becomes a real problem because it attracts even more litter. The experts say it also begins to create some crime issues in a neighborhood as well.

Strickland says, "It’s like people see trash on the ground or a window broken and they think it’s okay to break more windows; it’s okay to throw more trash down. I've seen this same thing in my own neighborhood."

Strickland says these problems are solvable if people avoid the temptation to throw trash out of their car, and if more people donate a few hours to clean up the roadside once or twice a year.

Gov. Perdue's litter task force is now working to find news ways to solve this trashy problem and officials hope to have some new guidelines in place in the next few months.