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They've finished a preliminary investigation into the hacking of a computer system at Valdosta State University. Wednesday night, students and school officials can breathe a sigh of relief.

Word of Valdosta State University's computer hacker spread like wildfire through the campus. For VSU student Joanna Moore, the news was shocking to her entire family.

"We were worried about identity theft in our family because there are four kids in our family that have graduated from VSU and my sister and I are in school right now," said Moore.

Not only were students concerned with identity theft, many also feared the possibility of credit card fraud.

"Being able to start off anything new, you need that good credit and that good foundation, so it's just a great relief to know that nothing really happened," said VSU student Antonia Poarch.

An investigation into the May 17 hacking found just that, an unauthorized access, but not a transfer of student information or records.

Computer experts at VSU say they were fortunate this incident was simply an intrusion and not a theft. They say they're taking the proper steps to ensure this doesn't happen again.

"Basically, we are re-accessing all our services on campus that have sensitive information and are making sure that they adhere to all the elements in our security plan," said VSU Information Technology's Joseph Newton.

VSU leaders say the incident has refocused security efforts at the university and has been a lesson well learned. VSU officials say the unauthorized intrusion happened on a computer server that contained information for the VSU One-Card services.