Georgia Fireworks Hot

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Kenneth Goff has always enjoyed the Fourth of July, but this year came with a bit of a surprise. He can now set off some fireworks of his own.

Kenneth says, "As a kid we never had them, so I think it’s a great idea so my kids can enjoy the fireworks."

But like many other folks in south Georgia, he was not aware lawmakers had legalized sparkling fountains this year until he saw a tent on Bemiss Road.

Pastor William Wood of First United Pentecostal Church says, "We've had several police officers come out. The very first day that we were open we had one come out and say he'd just received the call that we were selling illegal fireworks."

But the fireworks are completely legal. The only real problem facing the customer is deciding which type of fireworks to buy.

Workers at the United Pentecostal Church recommend fireworks like the cuckoo or the crackling cactus or even a family variety pack. Although you'll find plenty of sparklers and fireworks to choose from, workers say there are some you won't find.

Wood says, "You will not find the ones most people are looking for like TNT, cherry bombs, things of that nature."

There are still plenty of perfectly legal fireworks to choose from, all guaranteed to add a little spark to your Fourth of July celebration.

Many churches and non-profit organizations are helping with the sale of fireworks as a fundraising effort.