ATV Accidents on the Rise in Our Area

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Emergency personnel at Archbold Hospital say they see ATV-related injuries that range from broken limbs to more serious internal and head traumas.

Kelli Vaughn, Trauma Coordinator at Archbold Hospital, says, "In the last few months, we've seen children being thrown off their four wheelers. We've seen adults hitting trees, or hitting anything, losing control, breaking arms, breaking legs."

Vaughn recommends ATV users read their owner's manuals, wear helmets, not carry passengers and avoid public roads and paved highways.

Jerry Butler of Southern Power Sports of Thomasville says, "They're dangerous, but the one thing we can't sell with ATVs is responsibility. With every ATV somebody has to assume the responsibility to ride one safely."

The most recent statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission show that both Florida and Georgia rank in the top 15 nationwide for ATV-related deaths.

Vaughn adds, "People use them frequently, and that's completely fine as long as people follow the rules and recommendations."

The ATV dealer we spoke with, along with Archbold's trauma coordinator, stress the importance of safe ATV use, a measure they say will help enthusiasts enjoy the ride, and cut down on visits to hospital emergency rooms.

Emergency room personnel say they usually see a rise in ATV accidents during spring and summer months. With students on summer break, they stress the importance of parental supervision.