Rep. Coley Swearing In

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It was an emotional day at the Florida Capitol as Marti Coley, now Florida Rep. Coley, was sworn in. Coley is already starting to address issues close to her late husband and concerns of her own.

Florida House Rep. Marti Coley, with tears in her eyes, took the oath. She fills the District 7 seat left by her late husband, David Coley, who died earlier this year of liver cancer.

Rep. Marti Coley said, "I appreciate the support everyone has given me here at the Capitol during this time."

Allan Bense, (R) Florida House Speaker, said, "I don't think she was out initially trying to run. I think her family, frankly, encouraged her to run for that seat to fill the goals and ambitions David had, so I'm proud of the race she ran, and it's time to let her get to work."

Coley says she plans to focus on issues concerning economic reform, education and health care.

Will Kendrick, (D) FL District 10, said, "She brings the same qualities and same values that Rep. David Coley did, and I think that's a great tribute to not only him, but to north Florida."

Rep. Marti Coley added, "My family has been so helpful to me and everyone here at the Capitol, the other representatives have been helpful, the other speakers, all of the staff. They've really gone out of their way to help me and I'm looking forward to working."

Coley says becoming a state representative is a huge honor, adding to her roles of educator and mom. Rep. Coley plans to be active in a number of committees including k-12 education, transportation and House rules.