TalTran's New Look Means Big Bucks

Tallahassee's mass transit system is launching a new business venture, one that's guaranteed to catch the eyes of passersby. It's also designed to bring in some big bucks for TalTran.

Tallahassee's TalTran buses will be looking like new money. Actually, it's the new look that's bringing in the money, thanks to a new marketing venture announced Tuesday.

TalTran and the city hope that this new venture will bring in added revenue to the TalTran system and local businesses.

Local businesses, national retailers and non-profit organizations can now advertise on the outside and inside of the mass transit buses.

Ron Garrison, Executive Director of TalTran, says, "We look at making at least a hundred thousand dollars the first year in providing this opportunity to businesses, non-profit organizations. This is a great way to get the word out."

Tallahassee Mayor John Marks says residents don't have to worry about the ads making the buses look "tacky.”

Mayor John Marks says, "We want to make sure it's the kind of advertising that's compatible and consistent with our community standards. I think when the people of this community see the advertising on these buses, they will agree that what we're doing is a positive thing for our community."

In addition to providing a high-visibility venue for advertisers, TalTran's director says the new program will help the mass transit system become more financially self-sufficient.

The first on-bus mock ads you'll see are billboards honoring the city's Parks and Recreation Department for being named the nation's best.