Mr. Food: Backyard Burger

There's nothing to turning out juicy, hot-off-the-grill burgers, right? Well, yes, right - that's if we use our burger know-how! Well, what makes a great hamburger? NOT the very leanest meat you can buy.

I like a mixture of 80/20, which usually produces the burgers with the most taste and texture, but we can use as lean as we prefer; that's your choice. Usually less is more when it comes to adding seasonings or other ingredients like chopped onions to our meat, because most of the extra flavors will be coming from our condiments and garnishes.

We also ought to make our burgers the same size and shape so they'll cook at the same rate, and since they'll shrink a bit during cooking, make 'em a bit larger than you'd like 'em to end up.

But remember not to over-handle the beef too much. That'll rob our burgers of their juiciness and texture, and that's the same for when we're cooking them on the stovetop, oven broiler or out here on the grill.

On the grill, for doneness we can use any of the varieties of instant-read thermometers.
This spatula even has one that's built in, but just remember they should reach a minimum of 160 degrees. Anything less is no longer considered by the USDA to be safe to eat, and when using a spatula, don't press down on your burgers. They'll lose all their flavorful juices!

All what's left to do now? Toast our buns, pile on the toppings and sink our teeth into the "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"