Hospice Needs Help

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Nearly a year ago, Hospice of South Georgia announced plans to build a new hospice house in Valdosta, capable of treating 70 terminally ill patients.

Donations came rolling in, but so far the group doesn't have enough money to get construction started.

Elizabeth Vickers, the foundation director, says, "Currently we have funds raised in the amount of $1.2 million, and we have a goal of $2.5 million. We're going well so far, but we do have a ways to go and we're just encouraging our community to support this project."

Fundraising officials are offering up the naming rights to the new center in return for a major donation to help get construction underway.

Hospice advocates say this effort is all about creating a center that embraces life and helps families and patients through a very trying time.

Betsy Giddens, a hospice fundraiser, says, "It’s all about life, it’s all about living, it’s not about ‘you're gonna sign on with us and two weeks later that's it.’ We're about comfort and care."

Kim Carey, the daughter of a former hospice patient, says, "For my family, it would have been wonderful to have a place like this outside of our home where everyone could come and go to visit my father when he was a patient. He was under hospice care for about three weeks before he passed away."

And that's why supporters need your help in making this care center a reality in the next few months. Valdosta's new hospice center will be designed for future expansion to meet the growing needs of our region.