Adventurers Build Wheelchair Ramp

Thursday a group of teenage girls came to his rescue bringing hammers, nails and hope with them.

Eleven-year-old Kenneth Banks peers out the door as 25 young women swing hammers, slice two by fours and plank by plank give a wheelchair bound boy with severe scoliosis instant access to outside.

Kenneth Banks said, "Then I can get outside on my own, go play with my friends and stuff."

These high school students are building a wheelchair ramp as part of the Leon County Sheriff's Office Adventure Camp.

Amaka Ofuani said, "I think it's really awesome that we can help somebody who really needs it and couldn't do it themselves."

Stephanie Pilkington added, "It's great, I think that we can help out because he has no way to get out of the house without other people having to help him."

Kenneth has been confined to a wheelchair since August. His mother and neighbors take turns carrying him down the stairs and out to the car, but when this sunny, sweaty day is over, Kenneth can roll out there himself.

Minnie Kilpatrick, his grandmother, said, "I'm so proud, so happy, we won't have to carry him no more. He can just push himself out and go anywhere and we can walk and catch the bus now. "

Kenneth and his family got the $3,000 ramp and all that girl power for free!

The Sheriff's Adventure Camp brings some of Leon County's brightest and best high school students together for projects like these.