Builders Care

Dorothy Braun looks over the work done to her Tallahassee home. She's lived in the wood frame house for 44 years and time has taken its toll.

Dorothy says, "I prayed and God sent Mr. Steve and his wife to help me."

Steve gibbons is a member of "Builders Care," a non-profit organization designed to rehabilitate homes of low-income elderly, or disabled residents.

Steve Gibbons, Builders Care volunteer, says, "It makes you feel great to help, I don't think we are angels, but makes you feel great."

Come this Saturday, Builders Care members will build a wheelchair ramp and porch for a Tallahassee resident living with Alzheimer’s. Most recipients are referrals.

Ken Pye, Builders Care Executive Director, says, "Social organizations refer family members; other non-profit groups refer clients."

Builders care is about helping local residents hold on to the American dream. This act of constructive care convinced Dorothy Braun, there are angels living among us.

Angels armed with plywood and a promise of a safer and secure structure. The Florida Home Builders Association is looking for volunteers to donate their time and talent and supplies to "Builders Care."

For information, call 850-524-2322.