Three Overturned Trucks in One Day

What caused the accidents is what has police officials concerned.

Early Thursday two trucks overturn on Capital Circle Northwest. One of them was a semi coming off of the Interstate 10 ramp.

After 1:00 o'clock a log truck is overturned on Thomasville Road, causing a headache for motorists and a busy day for tow truck drivers.

Jason Barnes of Parkway Wrecker Service said, "Yea, it's odd. Drivers driving too fast coming around that corner, it's rough."

SGT Paul Pruett of the Leon County Sheriff's Office said, "We've had some bad accidents, but it's rare to see three semis overturn in one day."

Leon County SGT Paul Pruett says in all of these cases speed was a major factor coupled with the weight of the load, shifting, making it almost impossible for drivers to break in time.

In one of the cases on Capital Circle Northwest, authorities believe the driver turning off of the I-10 ramp was trying to beat a traffic light.

Paul says, "You're coming up on a traffic light which is subject to change on you. Before you realize it's going to change sometimes they'll try to run the light and they're going faster than anticipated, trying to make the turn."

Luckily, in all of the accidents, the drivers walked away with minor injuries. SGT Pruett says charges will be placed for each of the accidents.