A Peach a Day

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Mother Nature's been turning up the heat, which gives us some of our best produce buys: peaches, plums and nectarines are ready for the picking, and that's great news for us! And the peach trees like these in California are absolutely loaded with super fruit to keep those counters full.

And the variety! Well, here are peaches we love so much and here are white-fleshed, less-fuzzy peaches that are milder and smoother in taste, and here’s what’s known as the donut-shaped peach, also mild and less fuzzy. It's not only delicious, but a fun conversation piece besides, and our nectarines, sweet juicy nectarines! Yes, they come in the milder, white-fleshed version also.

And here are the plums! Wow! Well, there are varieties from red-fleshed ones like these sweet-as-can-be black diamonds to yellow-fleshed ones, some with red skin, some with black skin, some green-skinned.

Why, we’ll have some of these right through October.

Look! Here are plumcots that are a combo of sweet plum and apricots. Boy, do we have choices! And any stone fruit should be kept out of the fridge until they start to give a little to the touch.

That’s when they're at their sweetest and juiciest. When we buy them a little too firm, no problem. Simply put them in a plain paper bag for a day or two on your counter.

When they get to that perfect giving touch, then into the fridge they go and they're ready! What could be easier? Simply rinse under cool water and are we in for a treat with every bite! "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"