Servicemen Discount for Licenses

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It's a surprise gift for all those who put their lives on the line, who engage in battle with conviction and pride, who defend America's past and present. For all you servicemen and women, the state is saying thank-you.

Scott Ball, FWC spokesman, says, “Thanks to a new law these folks can receive a license of $20, which normally is upwards of $80."

It's called the Gold Sportsman's License, a package deal for hunting, saltwater fishing and all those necessary permits.

Rep. Will Kendrick, (D), North Florida, says, “We've looked to improve quality of life, especially for those who serve, but for some reason we've always forgotten those retired as well.”

But not anymore, thanks to a legislative bill sponsored by Rep. Kendrick and Sen. Jeff Atwater, a bill that Kendrick says should have been made available weeks ago.

Rep. Kendrick says his bill was to go into affect as soon as the governor signed it. He did on May 24; now a month later licenses are still unavailable.

Scott Ball says, “It just takes time to get the process in place.”

While FWC says it was working through the glitches, Rep. Kendrick says military personnel were being cheated and he plans to challenge the issue until it's resolved.

Kendrick wants the state to send refunds to all those who were affected by the change, but FWC says it's prohibited by law from doing so. The agency says all those who qualify can pick up their gold package at any tax collector's office starting July 1.