Thomasville Businesses Join Forces

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They call themselves a grassroots organization, and although the Business Action Council has only been around for six weeks, members hope to grow and make a difference in the Rose City.

The group is focusing on issues like planning and zoning, the architectural review board, and making sure the best interests of businesses are represented in local government.

Ed Titus of the Business Action Council says, "The organization is not here to be adversarial, but to bring issues to the community to see if we can't work together to improve the quality of life in Thomasville itself."

City Councilman Roy Campbell says that their membership and agenda have been kept a secret, and therefore he has no comment.

Titus says, "That's one thing we're doing now, getting our agenda together and setting up a mission statement. We're going to incorporate, we're going to have a board of directors, so we're still kinda gelling and getting things together."

With every meeting and every new member will hopefully come the changes this organization wants for the city and its businesses.

The Business Action Council meets Wednesdays at noon at The Plaza Restaurant.