Gadsden Hospital Leaders Await Ruling on Administration

A check for $75,000 was paid to Gadsden County from Ashford Health Care Systems, the current administration of the Gadsden Community Hospital, dated June 9.

Since last year the hospital has been in default on its lease payments, $10,000 a month. Gadsden County Manager Marlon Brown says payment is fine, but he's unhappy with how the agency is doing business and that there is still some money owed.

Marlon Brown, Gadsden County Manager, says, "We will continue to pursue getting that money from Ashford, and from what I understand we are not the only entity that is owed money."

Craig McMillian, a member of the Gadsden County Appointed Board, says, "The county attorney and the county manager apprised us to the fact that they felt like the current operator of the hospital was in default."

Brown says there were reports that supplies were running low at the hospital, that equipment was either malfunctioning or not working. He says that's a detriment to the health care of the patients.

Marlon says, "The doctors and medical staff that are working there, we want to make sure they too are protected."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Ashford says if the county continues forward with the termination process, this issue could end up in the courts.

Gadsden County Hospital is a 51-bed facility that serves about 16,000 patients annually.