Georgia Commissioners Have No Reservations on Hotel/Motel Tax

Thomas County Commissioners Mary Jo Beverly and Elaine Mays say the new hotel/motel tax will generate much needed revenue.

Elaine Mays says, “We also felt like for new income purposes for our tourism program in Thomas County that we needed to support the hotel/motel tax."

Mays says the six percent tax will break down two ways. Three percent will go towards Thomasville and Thomas County tourism. Commissioners are undecided on how to spend the other three percent, but say it will benefit local tourism in some way.

Mays says, "The benefit, of course, is the more people that come here, the more money that we have to spend for all the things that we try to do here to make Thomas County what it is today."

Commissioners say the tax will benefit Thomas County residents while not taking money out of their pockets, but the question for many is how will it affect local hotels?

Stacey Powell, GM of Holiday Inn Express, says, "It's a wonderful, it's free revenue for the county that can go back into the county to promote further tourism for our county."

Along with hotels and motels, commissioners say the tax will also apply to campgrounds and bed and breakfasts. The tax will go into effect on the first of next year.

Along with the hotel/motel tax, commissioners also passed a $20 fee for all county businesses. They say the annual fee is mandatory in the state of Georgia when imposing a hotel/motel tax.