Pesticide Pushed Aside

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Dozens of steel barrels full of hazardous waste and pesticides dotted the tractor supply parking lot in Valdosta Wednesday morning.

Just when chemists thought their work was done, another truckload of hazardous chemicals and pesticides would roll up behind them.

Fourakers says, "It's an amnesty day. You can bring in anything you want with no questions asked and they will dispose of it properly."

It's Georgia Clean Day, an event that results in about 30,000 pounds of farming pesticides being disposed properly.

Mickey Fourakers, Lowndes County Extension Agent, says, "Farmers are the greatest environments and this gives them an opportunity to get unwanted, unusable materials out."

From solid waste to liquid chemicals and expired pesticides, these ag enthusiasts saw it all.

Edward Jones, a chemist, says, "It's pretty much normally your bulk farming pesticides. We've got some cyanides and that's about it, just general pesticides."

But for 14 governor's honor students, watching those general pesticides and chemicals being handled and contained, opened their eyes to the environmental hazards they can cause.

Jessica Moore, a governor's honor student, says, "It's a good learning opportunity to know just how bad chemicals are and to see all these people taking a proactive effort to get rid of them."

They’re hazardous materials these farmers were more than happy to part ways with. All the hazardous materials collected at Wednesday's Georgia Clean Day will be shipped to Atlanta for proper disposal.