Women Helping Women Jail Project

Mothers in Crisis is asking Leon County for funding to support a new intervention program for women. A team of women are working to get a new pilot program of the ground, one that would benefit other women.

Rosalyn Tompkins, founder of Mothers in Crisis, says, "[It’s] called ‘women helping women’ jail project. We're seeking funding in order to get it implemented."

The program would be offered by Mothers in Crisis. Its primary goal: break the cycle.

Rosalyn Tompkins says, "One of the things we see consistently is how women often times, because of their addictions to drugs or alcohol, or because of other issues, prostitution, poverty or other things, end up in a cycle of jail."

These ladies say the "women helping women" program is necessary for this community.

Elouise Morrison, a Mothers in Crisis participant, says, "I'm here to because I want to see Mothers in Crisis get the money they need to help other people."

Phyllis Johnson, a Mothers in Crisis participant, says, "I'm here to support the pilot program because it's needed, because when women get out of jail, we end up right back on the street because we have nowhere to go."

These women say they speak from experience themselves, spending time in and out jail.

The Public Safety Council voted to recommend the Leon County Commission support the program with a one time donation of $50,000.