Lifesaving Devices

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Automatic External Defibrillator boxes can now be seen in some Leon County owned buildings. For some, it's just a good idea; for others like public defender Nancy Daniels, it's wonderful.

"I'm so pleased. The reason, I’m particularly glad is we had an employee in our office two years ago die of a heart attack in our office. Who knows if he would still be alive today if we had a defibrillator," says Nancy.

To date, the county has equipped eight buildings with 36 AEDs, but says this is only the start.

MAJ Mac Kemp says, "Leon County would like to be the lead agency for placing AEDs in county buildings and in the community because AEDs are important in saving lives for early defibrillator, for people that have cardiac arrest."

And if someone calls 911 because a person is having a heart attack in one of the county buildings, the dispatcher now has another tool.

Mac Kemp says, "We're programming these into our computer assisted dispatch system so when the call comes into 911, the call taker will actually see on their screens there is an AED in the building and will be able to instruct to caller to go to that location."

Leon County EMS says AEDs in all the buildings makes sense because the sooner you can get a heart beating again, the higher the rate of survival.

The Leon County employees who are trained to use the AEDs say they would not want to go back to the days without them.