Sparklers for Georgia

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For the first time, Georgians will be able to use sparklers and non-explosive fireworks during their Fourth of July celebrations, all part of a change in the law passed by the Georgia General Assembly.

But with this new privilege will come more responsibility.

Debbie Brandt, a physician's assistant, says, "If you're using sparklers make sure you put them out in a bucket of water so you don't lay them out in the ground and people step on them."

Non-explosive fireworks include snake and glow worms, noisemakers and drop pops, but the fire safety commissioner says that it is still illegal to use any fireworks that explode or shoot up into the air, including fire crackers, skyrockets and cherry bombs.

LT Mark Sealy of Fire Station #3 says, "I think we're probably gonna have an increase in injuries due to the result of children are gonna get 'em and not have parental supervision. I would caution parents to have the children supervised if they're gonna activate these devices."

Firefighters say that nine times out of 10, children are the ones that get hurt with fireworks. They add that the best way to enjoy fireworks is to let a professional handle the display.

The fire safety commissioner says that anyone caught selling or using illegal fireworks can face up to a $1,000 fine and up to one year in jail.