Spending Father's Day Weekend at the Saltwater Classic

The Big Bend Saltwater Classic held every Father's Day weekend draws father and son teams from across the southeast.

It features spectacular fish and a huge jackpot, but this year with fuel prices sitting at record-breaking highs, it costs a pretty just to get on the water. It's been deemed the fastest growing fishing tournament in Florida.

$1,800 is the price they pay to burn 450-gallons of fuel on a two day fishing adventure.

Randy Fulater, a sport fisherman, says, “It's worth it; if you're going to have fun it's going to cost you.”

For this Crawfordville team, forking over a couple grand for a fishing competition is no big deal, but that enjoyment isn't shared on board the Cat V.

A.P. Whaley makes a living running his charter boat to and from Dog Island, but a recent rise at the pump has left his boat idling. He says it's become an exercise in futility.

“I'll just keep on doing it till I go completely broke I guess. When you have a fisherman or waterman mentality you just keep going till you run out of money,” he says.