Mega Millions Draws Millions

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It's worth $63 million, and although the odds of winning are slim, it doesn't stop the constant flow of people buying tickets for the Mega Millions lottery drawing.

Juleah Evans, a cashier at Huds, says, "As the jackpot rises that's when all the customers start coming. We get like from 5 to 6 o'clock, that's when our biggest rush comes."

Mega Millions may be Georgia's biggest game ever, but it doesn't stop Floridians from crossing the border to try their luck.

Dave Bacus, a Florida resident, says, "I come up here when it's $50 million or plus, so that's the whole reason to come here to play the lottery."

Every ticket sold leaves a glimmer of hope that lady luck will be on the buyer’s side, and every dollar spent has the chance to multiply into millions.

The Georgia Lottery's Mega Million drawing will be Friday.