Bottle Bombs: Not a Harmless Prank

A video tape circulating in law enforcement circles and on the Internet shows just how dangerous homemade bombs can be.

The 16 second video clip shows what can happen when mischievous teens mix household chemicals. Leon County deputies wanted you to see it in the wake of 10 bottle bombs discovered in Tallahassee this spring.

SGT Rob Pace of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "That's the thing is you don't know when it's going to explode. We had a couple of cases where the devices actually did not explode. There's no way to time it."

TMH emergency room physician Dr. Josh Simmons says beyond cuts from flying debris and acid burns to the eyes and face, those explosions can do some serious internal damage.

Dr. Josh Simmons says, "The real threat is primarily in people who do this in enclosed spaces. They're often overcome by fumes and have significant inhalation injury, even pulmonary edema and possibly death."

We don't know what happened to the young men in the video or even where it was filmed, but with the Fourth of July and a long summer of possibly idle time ahead, it's a reminder that harmless pranks aren't always harmless.

We talked with the coordinator of the Florida Intelligence Unit in Tallahassee, an Intelligence Clearinghouse director in Savannah, and we scoured the Internet for any clue as to who those boys are and what happened after the camera stopped rolling. No luck so far.