Crime Rally

This Father's Day, dads in one local community are passing on the rest and relaxation. Instead they're taking a stand against crime.

James Micklon has lived on Ponderosa Drive for 25 years. He says, "I raised two children in the neighborhood. I felt very comfortable with them out here, no problems.”

But times have changed, and Micklon has watched his neighborhood transform into a criminal hub of activity. It's a street that's been plagued by drugs, trash and several drive-by shootings over the years.

Residents say they've had enough and are ready to take back their neighborhood, with a little help from all the fathers out there.

"We believe the fathers are our leaders and they play a very important role in children's lives and they play a very important role in the growth of our community," shared J.D. Martin, a crime rally organizer.

Many dads out there agree. Fathers like James Wright say, "This has a direct impact in my family and the city of Valdosta; when we allow these things to grow and breed in our community, then it affects all of us."

Crime rally organizers say this effort will show criminals that neighbors, family members and friends are working to clean this area up once and for all.

The Father's Day crime rally kicked off this weekend, but organizers say the cleanup effort is just beginning.