FAMU Budget Cuts Impact Sports Program

The school's board of trustees pulled the plug on the four sports in an effort to trim the budget.

Florida A&M has been plagued with bad financial management. Last year, the athletic department ran a million dollar-plus deficit. Now to make ends meet, the school is cutting golf, tennis, swimming and diving. Every other sport faces a 10 percent cut. The move did not sit well with some of the school’s trustees.

Rev. R.B. Holmes, a FAMU trustee, says, "I’m very, very uncomfortable with cutting these sports again because people of color are highly and adequately represented."

Ramon Alexander, FAMU student government president, says, "It cannot be tolerated for these types of actions, the lack of support, there are high school programs that raise more money than our boosters."

All total about 40 student athletes are having the door closed on their athletic career here and they now have the choice of keep going to school here or go elsewhere.

Some students called the cuts a disgrace.

Charlton Bradley, a FAMU student, says, "This is a historically black university, and why would they want to take away such activities like that?"

The golf coach wants to keep teeing off.

Marvin Green, golf coach, said when asked, “You are willing to work for free?

"I am, I just want the students to have an opportunity to play this year and compete this year."

After the mild board revolt, the university’s president did offer to revisit the cuts after the school year starts, but she offered no guarantees that sports would be reinstated. The budget cuts also include a 42 percent reduction in scholarships.