"Stormchasers" at the Imax

It was a special night out at the movies Thursday night (6/30) for a special group of folks. The world's biggest storm was showcased on the world's biggest screen.

The audience got a peek into the heart of the world's worst weather in "Stormchasers," at the Imax theater. The film showcases the daily work of meteorologists studying severe weather from every angle.

"Stormchasers" took viewers in the eye of a hurricane and close range to a tornado.

Ann Marie Curry, a WCTV weather spotter, talks about the event.

"It was wonderful. I haven't seen the new Imax movies and it was incredible. It made it seem so realistic, it really did. It was incredible!"

The theater was packed with friends of WCTV, Eyewitness News weather spotters, and WCTV ticket winners. Our very own chief meteorologist Mike McCall was the host of the event.