Jefferson County School Leaders Trying to Keep its Students in District

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A group of concerned citizens in Jefferson County is going door to door and stopping residents in cars, trying to drum up support for the school district.

Organizers say the county is losing its students to Leon County and private institutions.

CP Miller, President of Concerned United People, says, "It’s heartbreaking when you see parents pull out their children out of our school systems to put them in another school. However, my hat goes off to people who are looking for the best education for their children.

These men are hoping a pep rally this Saturday will be the catalyst to entice parents to support the school system, and so far the message has been receptive.

Daisy King, a Jefferson County parent, says, "We need that push from community leaders to get that push to get our kids back for the best quality education they possibly can have here at home."

For those who weren't home, these concerned citizens have left flyers on doors detailing the information about the upcoming event.

The pep rally is scheduled for Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Students will be able to receive school supplies to get ready for the academic year.