Death Penalty Hearing

Family members of both the victim, Fred Parker, and the killer, David Meyer, spoke out in court Friday.

As we first told you Wednesday night, a jury found David Meyer guilty of killing Tallahassee attorney Fred Parker last spring.

Friday they listened to friends and family of both men as the decided the fate of the convicted killer, David Meyer.

Edna Parker would've celebrated her 13th wedding anniversary with Fred Parker in June, but his life was taken last year at the hands of David Meyer.

Meyer sat motionless in the courtroom Friday morning as she spoke of a man who brought vitality to her life and who loved and inspired his family.

Edna said, "There is so much of this man and his loving influence that they will never be able to enjoy; their loss is enormous; my loss of Fred cannot be calculated."

Fred Parker's son Rick shared his memories and of his father's passion for the piano. Rick says he's played every day since his father's death.

Rick said, "We will continue his passion for music, intellectual curiosity and quests for the betterment of our children. If I'm half the man he was, I'll consider myself a success."

Fred Parker came from a family of love and compassion, but his killer, David Meyer, came from a very different background. His sister told of a life of poverty, hurt and control.

Melanie Munce, the convicted killer's sister, said, "I think if he would've had encouragement of any kind, some support, I think it would've made a difference."

The defense team called on several other of David Meyer's family members, hoping the judge and jury will consider his life of disappointment as they decide his fate.

The defense also called on a few more of David Meyer's family members and expert witnesses to talk about Meyer's mental condition.

We expect the penalty phase to continue Monday evening where more witnesses will be called.