Pay for Your Lights or You'll Be Left in the Dark!

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1375 is the number of customers city officials say forget to pay their utilities on time every month. Now the city hopes a new automated notification system will help lower the number of late bills and utility cutouts.

Don Atkinson, Assistant City Manager of Thomasville, says, "It's another improvement or a step up in customer service. We've had some customers that tell us they would appreciate a call."

The automated service will give past-due customers a friendly reminder that their bill is due before late fees or their lights turned off, and customers say this service is welcomed.

Rufus Kimble, Sr., a Thomasville Utilities customer, says, "That would help us a whole lot, just in case you happen to lose your bill, and also remind you of paying your bill on time and coming up to your delinquent date."

Sally Ayinde, also a customer, says, "I happen to be power of attorney for my mom. She's 83, 84 years old, so between the two households trying to remember my bills and hers a lot of times I have to think, I have to pay the bills and I would never want her to be without utilities."

City officials say the service will also make their job easier.

Mark Tador, Technical Services Superintendent, says, "Hopefully this will result in a man hours saving to us by having people not have to have their lights cut out."

The city says the automated service will notify customers the day the bill is past due. Thomasville utilities officials remind customers to update their phone numbers with the city.