Firefighters Converge on Valdosta

Firefighter Mike Moon has been battling blazes for the last decade. He's one of many who have seen more than their share of tragedies.

"I've found dead bodies, I've pulled people out. I've found a lot of bad things I don't like to talk about."

It's a difficult job, but perhaps even more difficult for their spouses.

Patricia Hodges, the wife of a firefighter, says, "It's tough. I mean. they put themselves before anyone else. They are trying to save somebody whether it's going into a car fire or going into a house fire."

But some new equipment and training could help save their lives and yours. The annual Georgia State Firefighters Association Conference in Valdosta offers firefighters around the state a chance to learn new ways to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Jim Fielding, Lowndes County Fire Chief, says, "You know, we learn from other people's experiences so we don't repeat their mistake. One piece of information that one firefighter has might save another one's life."

They are invaluable lessons that make this conference so important to these firefighters, their families, and the communities they protect and serve.

This is the second time in five years the association selected Valdosta to host the conference.