Deadly Roads

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Area gas stations are busy as Georgia drivers fuel up for their holiday road trips.

Sean Brazel says, "Fourth of July is a good time to travel, but by those same means, everybody's just got to be careful and look out for the drivers around them."

Georgia state troopers say 34 people died in traffic crashes Memorial Day weekend. State officials don't expect a repeat this Fourth of July weekend, but some drivers say they'll still be extra careful.

Brazel adds, "I just get plenty of rest the night before, and mind the speed limit."

While some Georgia drivers say they'll take extra precautions when traveling this weekend, others say they'll just avoid the roadways all together.

Dawn Montooth says, "I feel like people should just stay home, I seriously do. You got 365 days a year and you could come up with other options for vacations, trips, other weekends, rather than going out when everybody else goes out."

Georgia state troopers say alcohol and poor seat belt use contributed to many of Memorial Day weekend's fatal accidents, mistakes they hope won't be repeated over the next few days.

The holiday weekend starts for Georgia troopers Friday at 6 p.m. and ends at midnight on the Fourth of July.