NCAA Bans Postseason Use of FSU's Seminole Mascot

The NCAA is banning American Indian mascots and nicknames deemed "hostile or abusive" from its postseason tournaments, so the Florida State Seminoles will have to cover up all spears and symbols referring to Chief Osceola.

Jeff Cameron, a news radio host with 1270 WFLA, says, "To say that the name 'Seminole' is hostile or abusive, doesn't that strike you as absolutely absurd and somehow inherently racist?"

Ed, a caller, said, "My take on it is, if the Seminole Indians in the state of Florida are not outraged and offended by it, a bunch of guys in the NCAA says we'll be outraged and offended for you, you should be."

Kyle Miller says he's honored to be visiting FSU, a school famous for its Native American sights and sounds. He's disappointed by the news.

Kyle says, "I grew up in the state of Florida. To take away the Seminoles, or to take away the name, the symbols, I think you're depriving the state of its tradition and heritage."

Jeff says, "There's no shame in the name. It is meant to uplift. That is how it's used. If it wasn't, then I wouldn't be for it."

The ban is to go into effect February 1. The Seminole tribe of Florida has issued a resolution supporting Florida State's "Seminoles'' nickname.