Bingham Gets Ready for a Fun Fourth

For the fifth straight year, the peace and quiet of Reed Bingham State Park will be interrupted by the "Celebrate America Program." This year it features a flyover of planes from Moody Air Force Base and a huge fireworks show.

Park officials say this event is important in creating interest and involvement in state parks.

Chet Powell, park ranger, says, "A lot of people will come Saturday for the first time and many will continue to come back, and it's just a way for us to showcase the park."

Pilot Alan Mathis of Moultrie gave us a bird's eye view of the park, and officials say up to 50,000 people could pack around this lake on Saturday to enjoy an Independence Day full of fun.

While a majority of the activities will be taking place on Saturday, officials say the park will remain open throughout the July 4th holiday weekend, giving more people a chance to enjoy everything nature has to offer.

Powell says, "We will have pontoon boat rides carrying people up the river to see alligators and whatever else happens to be there. There will be a wildlife program featuring live animals."

Experts say you should arrive early on Saturday.

Powell says, "A lot of people wait to come just before the fireworks, and we're trying to keep the traffic down."

Admission will only be $5 per carload. State park advocates say major events also help draw attention to the many educational programs already being offered.