Good News for FAMU

Interim President Castell Bryant announced grant funds are no longer on hold. With great enthusiasm, FAMU Interim President Castelle Bryant announced Friday that the National Science Foundation is giving the university back its $11 million in grants.

The foundation informed Bryant back in May that the university might lose the funding for all 14 grants, also putting any pending grants on hold.

After a week-long visit, a NSF review team has given a letter of satisfactory.

Castelle Bryant says, "We were able to not only able to meet the expectations of the National Science Foundation, but we did it in such a way that they felt comfortable in commending us. They said on more than one occasion it was beyond their expectations."

During the two-month period, NSF required FAMU to clean up nine key year-long problems such as payroll and effort reporting, cost sharing, and document management and retention.

Bryant says the university would not have made its May 24 deadline if it weren't for outstanding faculty and staff under the leadership of the interim vice president for sponsored programs.

Altha Manning, interim VP, says, "There were a few sticky issues that NSF was very diligent and ensuring that we met, that we down to the last minute worked on getting resolved. At any rate, we got it done."

Bryant says with the new corrective action plan in place, the university should never have these problems again.

The National Science Foundation review board is expected to return on a regular basis. Bryant says she's looking forward to more good news for FAMU.