Florida Governor Candidates

The campaign season for the 2006 Florida elections is underway. Democrats in the north Florida area are making sure they get a chance to personally meet their party's candidates.

The live southern music and the homemade southern food was just the backdrop for this summertime picnic. The main feature at Lee Vause Park Saturday night was the Democratic candidates for 2006 elections, primarily the candidates for governor.

Mark Ravencraft, the president of the Democratic Club of North Florida, said, "We have three of them coming today, Congressman Jim Davis, former Mayor Scott Maddox and State Senator Rod Smith."

North Florida Democrats call this a good ole fashioned political rally where local party members can meet their gubernatorial candidates in a casual, down home atmosphere.

Candidates for governor have been criss-crossing the state raising money and meeting voters. For Democratic candidates, this rally is often an important stop on the campaign trial.

"I try to always support this one because it's home town for me. The Leon County Democrats have worked so hard to elect our people year after year. This is a great group of folks and I'm proud to be here," said Scott Maddox, a candidate for Florida governor.

Candidate Jim Davis added, "I have gotten a very warm reception from a lot of people up here. I've been talking about my values as a parent, as a Floridian, as the son of a mom who lived in north Florida, and I think these are the values of north Florida and the entire state."

Candidates for local races could also meet and greet Big Bend voters at the Democrats' rally. The three Democratic candidates at the rally could be joined by additional candidates before the primary.