Business Is Booming

While area kids head back to school, college students are already returning to Tallahassee for the fall semester. Area businesses welcome them back with open arms and cash registers.

This is the reason about 50,000 young adults charge into Tallahassee each August, and they bring with them enough buying power to make local businesses, especially restaurants, hungry for their return each fall.

Pamela Barreau, the Qdoba shift supervisor, says, "Generally we work with the college atmosphere. When school's out we're pretty slow, pretty quiet, but when school's in session, it gets really busy."

That's to be expected at businesses right by the campuses like Qdoba on Tennessee Street, but the August influx of college students also affects businesses further into the city. Even newer restaurants like Backyard Burgers on Apalachee Parkway notice the difference.

Peter Rittman, a Backyard Burgers manager, said, "Business was good from the beginning, but now that the students are coming back, it's a little more busier; a lot more people are coming in, they're just getting out more."

Restaurants further away from the campuses like Cabanna's on Kerry Forest Parkway and Momo's on Market Street don't see the jump in business, but they do experience a business impact.

Charles Musgrove, Cabanna's restaurant owner, added, "A lot of our employees are college students, either FSU, FAMU or TCC, so as the semesters change, we have a lot of change over in our wait staff and our other employees here at Cabanna's."

So as returning college students increase traffic around town, they also increase the bottom line for area businesses. College students often return to town in early August to settle into living arrangements and look for jobs.