Centennial Celebration

Grady County is celebrating its 100th birthday this month. A group of local women are using a needle and thread to capture history and kick off the centennial party.

For Wanda Harrison, the centennial quilt isn't just a project, it's a piece of her community's and her family's past.

Wanda Harrison said, "One of the pictures has a lot of special memories to me. It's of the Civil War veterans that were actually alive in 1909, and there's a picture on the quilt that shows the Civil War veterans, and one of them is my great, great grandfather."

These seven talented seamstresses designed and created the commemorative centennial quilt. The talented group began working on the quilt in early June. The king-size quilt features digital prints that capture the historical people and places from Grady County's past.

"I wanted it to be a pictorial, historical, but I was worried about how I was going to get prints and paintings and drawings and that sort of stuff," shared quilter Carolyn Hopkins.

Gwen Stanaland added, “It's been a good time to get together and renew some old friendships and to be able to discuss some things, and we just had a lot of fun getting ready for the centennial celebration, and I'm glad to be a part of it."

As centennial celebrations continue, the quilt will be displayed at various locations around Grady County over the next few months, showing off the hard work of Wanda Harrison and her friends.

To defer costs of upcoming centennial celebrations, the Grady County Historical Society will be giving away the quilt and a pair of matching pillows in a drawing early next year.