Fourth of July Sales

The Fourth of July weekend is underway and many people are shopping for essential holiday supplies, which means sales are booming for local merchants.

It's officially summer and Fourth of July weekend means people will be cooking out and celebrating their independence. For local businesses like Lowe's it means an increase in sales.

Ronald Jordan with Lowe's says, "We're selling a lot of grills, patio sets, lawn mowers, stuff like that."

For the Robinsons, buying a grill is a family affair. They say they've been looking at grills and with the weekend specials it is a smart purchase.

Robert and Nelly Robinson are grill shopping and say, "We definitely want to do some grilling out for friends and stuff for the fourth and for Jackie's birthday."

Other shoppers are buying last minute supplies to ensure a perfect holiday.

Scott Aldinger and Micharius Johnson shared, "We're gonna have the BBQ grills going tomorrow cooking some cheeseburgers and a fish fry and all that good stuff."

Family, friends, food and a good time is the consensus among shoppers.