Shasta Groene Found Alive

An eight-year-old girl, missing since May 16, was found alive Saturday at a Denny's restaurant in Idaho.

Missing for six weeks and with many fearing the worst, eight-year-old Shasta Groene turned up at an Idaho Denny's early Saturday morning in the company of a registered sex offender, 42-year-old Joseph Edward Duncan III. Some customers and a waitress recognized the little girl from her pictures in the media.

"She goes, boy, that's Shasta, isn't it? And I say yeah, it is," shared Nick Chapman, a Denny's customer.

They called the law and Shasta is alive and seemingly well after being interviewed by investigators at a medical center.

Duncan is in custody charged with kidnapping and is being held without bond. Shasta and her nine-year-old brother Dylan have been missing since mid May when authorities found the bodies of her mother, an older brother and another man bound and bludgeoned to death in the family home.

The case lead to a massive FBI investigation and manhunt for the Groene children. Saturday there was still no word on Dylan's whereabouts. He was not at the Denny's with Shasta Saturday morning, and authorities fear the worst.

Sheriff Ben Wolfinger added, "Our initial information is that he may be deceased, but until we can get that confirmed, absolutely, we're going to still be out there looking for him."

Lawmen are now looking into among other things, whether Duncan had a role in the three killings back on May 16. They say more charges could be filed.

Shasta's father is expected to be reunited with his daughter in Coeur D'Alene. Both he and police, no doubt, are wanting to know where Shasta has been and what she has been thru over the last six weeks.