Fundamentals Program

A local program designed around sports and learning is giving kids in one community a chance to get off the streets.

Kenneth Hayes uses his life and his mistakes as a way to change the lives and minds of young people in the community. After turning his life around, Hayes says that he is dedicated to helping kids through his fundamentals program.

"We work on the inside out. Work on self-esteem, confidence and accepting who they are and reaching higher goals."

The program is geared around basketball and learning. The kids play on teams and also receive tutoring and important life lessons.

Cynthia Dawson, a Hayes fundamentals camper, shared, "We teach them school stuff because a lot of them need extra help and we can give them more one on one."

And it's that kind of attention that motivates these kids to achieve their highest potential.

Kedeemya Cooper, who has been in the program three years, says, "The first nine weeks I had As and Bs and I wanted straight As, so I worked my hardest to get it and I made straight As."

Hayes says his goal is to keep kids off the streets and turn them into leaders, a battle he fights every day.

The fundamentals program is year-round. During the summer the program runs from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Children of all ages are welcome.