Liberty Walk

Some local veterans are spending this Fourth of July weekend to honor the men and women who fought for freedom.

The Walk for Liberty is an annual event that takes place across county lines. Members from the Liberty County Apalachee Valley Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 12010 team up with the Calhoun County American Legion to celebrate and honor our country.

John Nelson, Sr., District II Commander for VFW, said, "We're brothers and sisters at arms defending America and protecting America's freedom and liberties, so by coming together we share the burdens of one another and make sure we are still serving the people of our community."

But these veterans aren't the only ones that come out to show their support. Deneen Mears supports her husband, who is the commander of the Calhoun County American Legion.

Mears said, "We bring our children. I think it's important they understand why we're walking; it's not just for the troops, it's the birthday of our country; we celebrate it every year."

Officials from Calhoun County say they have been doing the liberty walk for several years now and are happy to have Liberty County join them in the walk for the past two years.

Every year participants look for different ways to honor a country they fought so proudly to defend.

Carl J. Duncan, Quarter Master of VFW Post 12010, said, "This walk has been across the bridge, has been an annual event for this post since it was created, and this year we decided to honor the flag, the people and the country."

Participants say they will continue to gather each year around the Fourth of July to celebrate freedom and honor the men and women who made it possible.

Along with the liberty walk, there was also a presentation of colors, a flag folding ceremony and the retiring of an American flag.